Pickup and Shipping Options + Special Covid-19 Info

We have embraced a new way of operating during these unprecedented times and brought our brick and mortar store online while we were closed. Our main goal is customer and family safety and although we are now open for in-store shopping, our online store will remain the safest way to shop.

We are encouraging all users to stay home and stay safe until we start seeing a steady decline in COVID cases and utilize the priority mailing options. We will be charging a flat $10.00 shipping fee that was created from the average shipping price of all orders received thus far.

However, if you want your items sooner or want to avoid shipping costs and live locally, you can choose our in-store pick-up option!

All precaution will be taken with the handling of your order. Items that can be, will be wiped down with Clorox wipes and others sprayed with Lysol and placed in a paper bag. Curbside items will be place in a bin outside the door once you call to notify us that you have arrived for your pickup appointment.

Following the CDC recommended guidelines, you can leave your items outdoors or in a garage for 24 hours (cardboard) and 3 days for hard surfaces like plastic. Or you can wipe down, spray or sanitize the surface of items before you bring them inside. Fabric items can be thrown in the wash right away but shoes can be sprayed with sanitizer or thrown in the dryer if you'd like. Boxed items have not been recently opened and were counted and sealed one month ago or more but I would recommend wiping down each game piece prior to playing as a normal precaution. 

For in-store shopping we are requiring masks and asking that you utilize the hand sanitizer at the entrance so you can safely shop while protecting our staff and other customers. We will have a limited numbers of shoppers at a time and will be sanitizing high traffic surfaces through out the day.